Tamara Wickstrom Photography


Wedding, Family, and Senior Portraits Photography on the Central Coast in California.



Starting at $2,500/6 Hours

Your wedding day is one of the major chapters of your life story, and as your photographer I understand the responsibility of documenting (or in a sense 'writing') this chapter with you. My wedding photo galleries, when viewed, are often thought of as a complete story of the day as it naturally unfolded. Genuine emotion and connection are what I am on the hunt for at each wedding, and they always magically appear before me, just waiting to be captured. Wedding packages start at $2,000 for six hours of wedding day coverage and an online gallery of images from which you can download both web and print size files. 



Here's what I promise you during your family photo session: I will never ask you to look at me, smile, and say 'cheese'. Instead I will ask you to tell me what flavor of ice cream your daughter would be, if she were ice cream? (Bubble gum is a popular answer!) Or, if your son were a wild animal, what would he be? (Tiger takes the top spot.) We will play games on the grass, and run along the shore at the beach, and everybody will laugh and giggle, and you will be given the treat of that ever-sacred uninterrupted family time.



I think of a senior portrait as much more than just a yearbook photo. It's a true representation of a high school senior's 'here and now' and as such it should represent past accomplishments, present endeavors, and future dreams. My senior portrait package is all about capturing images conveying authentic expression. It includes up to two locations and if makeup and hair are wanted, I can recommend local makeup artists and hair stylists. (Please note: The makeup artist and hair stylist will be an additional charge, determined by them.)  

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What you'll receive 

Four weeks* after we meet, you'll receive a private online photo gallery from our time together so you (and generations to come) can remember it for always. All of the images in the gallery are yours to download in both both web and print size files.

* Weddings take just a bit longer at around 8-10 weeks.