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Let's Talk About Family Photo Sessions

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I’m standing around at the party and somebody comes up and says: 'I wish you had taken our family photo two years ago when we talked about it. Now the kids are older and I have no photos that include me. I can barely remember what we looked like as a family back then.' It’s happened, in various forms, more than once. In fact, it’s happened a lot, which makes me kind of think it’s a problem. I never know the obstacles to why photos haven’t been taken, and in this particular case, 24 months later, she didn’t know either. (She thought maybe it was her son's sports schedule?) Whatever the reasons are, they’re always minor in the now, in comparison to no photos of the then.

Let's talk about family photo sessions... 

I get all the things stacked against them: There's not enough time; Your daughter cut her own hair; The weather isn't good; Your jeans aren't fitting the way you really want them to. Next month is going to be better. All this is going to get worked out. Let’s wait until then. Next month comes, and next month, and next...    

Photos are triggers. We look at them and are immediately taken back to the moment they represent. They allow us to remember, and if we were too young to remember, they show us a part of our family history that we would otherwise not know. Sure, we can remember stuff in our heads without looking at a photo, but man, we’ve got a lot going on these days. Without a tangible symbol that we can actually look at, it’s way too easy for our precious memories to get lost in the shuffle of the daily grind.

I would suggest no cell phones, full tummies (or readily available snacks), and preferably an outdoor location where everybody has some room to move. We don’t need much time. An hour? An hour and a half, max? Just enough to forget about that email you still need to answer, and that birthday party that isn’t going to plan itself. Just enough to see him show his little sister how much he loves her with one hug, and for everybody to discover sand crabs on the beach, and run, and laugh, and watch the sun go down. Just enough for you to be together as a family, and then just enough for me to make sure you never forget any of it.

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